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International Museum Day 2016 Valencia Italian restaurant Al Pomodoro
Enjoy the International Museum Day in Valencia with Al Pomodoro!
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Next wednesday 18 may the whole world celebrates the International Museum Day. Al Pomodoro has a strong history of supporting all forms of artistic expression, so we want to give you some tips to enjoy that special day under the sunny sky of Valencia. Let’s start the tour!

Here, at Al Pomodoro, as in the rest of the Vicios Italianos group, everyone is committed to 100% with art. We prove it every season with our exhibitions, supporting local young artists, and we will prove it again inviting you to enjoy with us the International Museum Day, starting 18 may. A tour around the best art collections in the city that you can end with a stop at our italian restaurant in the centre of the city, an opportunity to taste some of our specialties, the ones that made us a name in the gastronomic map of Valencia.

The biggest museum in the city, the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern (IVAM) will grant the visitors a free entrance to celebrate International Museum Day. The same thing will do the Museu Valencià de la Il·lustració i de la Modernitat (MuVIM), which will also held a variety of related activities to conmemorate the date.  Both museums are really close to the historical center of Valencia (Ciutat Vella), an area where you can find other interesting places to visit at no cost, like the Centre del Carme, which helds an exhibition by famous valencian artist Joaquín Sorolla, the Museu de la Ciutat or the Casa-Museu Benlliurewhere you can make a bike tour spotting the places where the famed valencian sculptor Mariano Benlliure left his tracks.

International Museum Day 2016 Valencia Italian restaurant Al Pomodoro

If you want to pay us a visit after a long day of enjoying some of the finest pieces of art in the city, we will be waiting for you. We’ve been hailed as the best pizza in Valencia –also by our pasta dishes– by our loyal customers and happy visitors al around the world, as well as our pasta dishes. And remember, Al Pomodoro is a peculiar art gallery itself. These days you can find an exhibition by local artist Cristina Peris. The delicious and perfect ending for a non-stop day of artistic frenzy.

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