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Experience the ‘tardeo’ every thursday at Al Pomodoro’s Bottega
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¿Do you want to shake your tourist experience in Valencia? We’re inviting you to the last ‘tarde’ session of the season at Al Pomodoro’s Bottega. Let’s have major fun from the evening with drinks, music and fresh italian specialities at one of the most renowed restaurants in the city.

Let us go by parts: to welcome Al Pomodoro’s Bottega, we started a series of tardeo sessions every thurday’s eveninig during may and june and we’re calling the date on May 27, our season closing. But, ¿what’s the Bottega? Al Pomodoro’s Bottega is a new concept by the seasoned italian restaurant Al Pomodoro, kown for it’s famous pizza, a new area where you can enjoy fresh italian and gourmet products, besides the well known italian specialities menu.

Another question may be on your mind: ¿what’s a tardeo? Well, it’s a typical mediterranean style of social interaction, a way to extend the fun, starting in the afteroon with food and drinks and ending whenever you want.

Al Pomodoro Valencia inauguración bottega aperitivo italiano tardeo en valencia fiambre mejor pizza de valencia

Said that, we’re expecting you next thursday from 7.30 PM to 8.30 PM at Al Pomodoro (22, Calle del Mar, Valencia). We’ll have a guest DJ and for every drink you order we’ll serve you italian cheese, bresaola, porchetta, pizza slices, raw prosciutto and many more italian specialities.

Come and enjoy with us a cozy evening in Valencia with the best afterwork experience.

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